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Qin Terracotta Army generals figurines Catalog 004 pottery surface (the Yangshao period of) Anonymous bronze Zongmu people mask (the ancient Shu) Anonymous people tread Fang Ding (supplier) Anonymous owl statue (supplier) Anonymous Anonymous (Qin) Anonymous horse riding Huns (Chinese) drumming the Figurines in (Eastern Han) Anonymous the Vatan (Han) of the four gods LOVELY HORSE (Han) Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Qi Wudi Xiao Ze the King anling Tianlu (Northern and Southern Qi) stone seated Buddha (Northern and Southern Dynasties Northern Wei) Anonymous a shop Caisu (Northern and Southern Western Wei) Anonymous the Bodhisattvas (Northern and Southern Dynasties Northern Wei) Anonymous Bodhisattva statue (Don) Anonymous Sa Lu Zi Qiu Xinggong like the ANONYMOUS (Don) Big the Losana Buddha (Don) Anonymous camel music figurines (Don) Anonymous barbarian Avatar (Don) Anonymous Leshan Giant Buddha (Don) Anonymous of Huineng Seated (Song). Gilt the dance Maxianshan cup pot (Don) Anonymous Anonymous Lohan group portrait (Song) Anonymous chicken female (Song) Anonymous silver Cha ($) Zhubi Alexander Fu (Qing) Anonymous Fisherman and the Woodcutter (clear) ZHEJIANG POLICE calligraphy Oracle (supplier) Anonymous Maogong Ding (Western Zhou) Anonymous Stone Drum (Eastern Zhou) Anonymous of Taishan stone (Qin) Lisi Li monument is the monument (Han) Anonymous B Ying (Han) Anonymous Shek Mun Chung (Chinese) ANONYMOUS the declaratory table (San Guowei) Zhong Yao Lanting Xu duck head Pill posts (Jin) (Northern and Southern Dynasties Northern Wei). Wang Xian of the Cuan son (Jin) Anonymous Zhengwen Gong monument calligrapher Wang Xizhi (Jin) 90% of the bury Hok ming (Northern and Southern Liang) Anonymous Palace Liquan Ming (Don) Ouyang Xun Zang holy church sequence (Don) hence good characters the Magu cents Tan Kee (Tang) Yen Chen ching poetry four posts (Don) Zhang Xu the Autobiography (Don) Huaisu the occult tower monument (Tang ) Cold Food poetry posts (Song) Su.

Gradually the focus of discussion changed. The statements in the Nicene Creed do not make any reference to the implications for us as followers of Jesus, they are historic statements to meet the particular need of the time when they are created but for all of us, it was the commitment to follow Jesus which was paramount. It was agreed that we all regarded ourselves as “followers of Jesus whose life expressed something utterly profound and took to the limit the idea that power is not all important, that expressed the values of love, peace and justice.” We are all “committed to the way of Jesus which we find worthwhile and which takes us nearer to the underlying sacredness .

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