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Nel corso di una udienza, Ciro Di Lauro confessò di aver manomesso il timone. Ma il pretore di Livorno assolse entrambi gli imputati per difetto di punibilità. Il pretore di Livorno, pur concordando con il PM sulle responsabilità degli imputati, non ritiene punibili gli stessi, poiché pure essendo accertata la manomissione, quest’ultima non ha tratto in inganno i periti saliti successivamente a bordo e quindi, seppur deprecabile, non è punibile penalmente.

From the DJ: “a truly comprehensive guide to the lexicon of today armed forces. Its more than 5,000 entries focus on the strategy, tactics and technology of fighting, providing concise, detailed definitions of the predominant terms and concepts of warfare from the age of Napoleon to the present day.” B6 8; 498 pages. Seller Inventory 285421Litteris.

3) Since the unaffiliated (that fastest growing segment of the younger American population) is turned off by power grabbing, money grubbing religious institutions, and since you obviously want to reach this segment of society, rein in all the presbyteries and synods and GA entities that are lording it over individual congregations seeking to leave the PCUSA. Instead of ignoring or secretly encouraging them as they abuse their institutional power to cause as much pain as possible and extract as much money as they can in exchange for permission to legally become part of the body of Christ in another denominational structure, why not remove the property trust clause from the Book of Order, or declare that all churches are free to leave, no strings attached, no fees assessed? Any wishing to stay will do so voluntarily, and all unaffiliateds will see that the PCUSA is in fact not a money grubbing, power obsessed institution. Perhaps in observing such Christian grace, they will begin flooding into the new PCUSA..

Cancer is caused by mutations in DNA that prevent the cell from regulating growth. It seems that right now the jury is still out on pesticides ability to cause these mutations (the strongest evidence is for DDT but it has been off the market since 1972). Also, many people try to argue that since pesticides are toxic at high concentrations they must be bad for us at low concentrations.

A farlo ritornare alla luce, dopo bui anni di declino, è per primo James Ivory che vede nei suoi occhi uno sguardo di fierezza che ben si accosterebbe al suo ultimo film La figlia di un soldato non piange mai (1998). La scelta è ottima e Kristofferson dà filo da torcere a tutte le interpreti femminili del film: Barbara Hershey, la veterana Jane Birkin e le debuttanti Virginie Ledoyen e Lee Lee Sobieski. La trilogia di Blade gli dà lustro tra horror e azione.

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